Farmer’s Market Breakfast: Sorrel and Eggs

I like to try out new flavors so yesterday morning I bought a bag of sorrel at the farmer’s market while shopping with Susan, her mom and her aunt. Strolling away from the vendor, all four of us suddenly made puckery faces as we sampled the green leaves and tasted the herb’s sharp, sour flavor. I wondered what the heck I’d just bought and whether I’d been the victim of some mischievous farmer’s joke.

This morning I hopped online hoping to find out what on earth to do with the stuff and came across a post on for Poached Egg on Toast with Sorrel. The recipe called for ingredients I had just purchased, like whole grain bread from Great Harvest, and also put to use fresh turnip greens I’d bought and just-laid-eggs from the chickens in my backyard. In an effort to temper the sorrel’s sharp flavor I added the turnip greens and a dash of Starlight Herbs‘ Moroccan seasoning to the sautéed herb as well as a thick smear of fresh avocado on the toast.

The result was a satisfying breakfast dish with a lemony bite enriched by the buttery avocado and the Moroccan seasoning’s exotic touch. I was going to snap a photo but all I have left is two empty plates that appear to have been licked clean.

Saute 1 bunch chopped sorrel leaves and 1 bunch chopped turnip greens in butter. You’ll start out with a lot of greens, but they wilt down to almost nothing. While cooking, add a few shakes of Moroccan seasoning, salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Remove pan from heat.

Toast two slices of whole grain bread. Smush and smear half an avocado on each toasted slice. Top with sautéed greens.

Poach four eggs the way you like them; place them atop the toast. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Serves two.

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