Monthly Archives: December 2010

All the grey winter weather we’ve been having lately has caused me to seek comfort in foods that are warm and gooey. While snacking on a plate of cheddar-covered nachos yesterday, though, it dawned on me: I have been invited to a pool party.

Four weeks from now I will be baring my flabby thighs to a dozen friends.

Or, I could bare my thighs toned, instead, if I forsake fattening snack foods for 28 days and hit the gym.

I’m going to do the later. Now I’ve got to choose: bikini or one-piece?

Running on the gym’s treadmill this afternoon I visualized myself modeling both styles of swimwear, then gracefully diving into a steaming swimming pool set amid drifts of snow. Definitely one-piece. As my iPod blasted out a high-energy playlist, I determined to achieve bathing beauty status the old fashioned way: through exercise and diet.

When I got home from the gym today my refueling snack consisted of a heap of quinoa topped with baked sweet potato, raw pecans, and a dusting of fragrant cinnamon instead of the warm familiarity of those salty, crunchy nachos that are so good at easing the greyness of winter days.

Like my co-blogger, Susan, who is having her rear end whupped by her bootcamp classes, I, too, have a one-month goal for whipping my tush into bathing suit-ready shape.

I’ll post the little victories along the way — like substituting a bowl of whole grain for a pile of oily tortilla chips, and chunks of aromatic sweet potato for lava-like flows of melted cheese — as I work toward firming my thighs and focusing on eating more seasonal produce, like sweet potatoes and the swiss chard I had tonight for dinner.

Pool party prep has begun.


I have now! (BTW this tired gal is not me, but you get the point.) 

I’m starting week two of a “lose a dress size in 21 days” boot camp, and the three — yes, that’s right, only three — workouts a week are … well, the expression that comes to mind isn’t really blog-appropriate, but let’s just say it has to do with kicking my “something.”

And, to really top things off from an ego standpoint, the workouts are only 30 minutes long (not including pre-workout stretching, which is highly encouraged).

The workouts vary each time, but the basic concept is to do quick bursts of exercise (sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 50 seconds) and then take a very short rest. Ten seconds of intense exercise/three seconds of rest, or 50 seconds of intense exercise/10 seconds of  rest. By the end of a set, which is usually less than two minutes, I can barely move, or breathe!

So … I’ll keep you posted on

a)      If I see results.

b)      If I feel stronger … it is the start of ski season, and I’m interested to see if I can tell a difference.

c)      The eating plan and the science behind why this type of exercise/eating works. We’ll be learning more over the next few weeks.

A toast to health and happiness!