Monthly Archives: January 2011

So, let’s have a “do easy, little things to make ourselves happy this week” week! Here are some suggestions:

1) Make yourself an avatar. It’s a blast. Just like making a Wii Me, and you can use it on Facebook, or Yahoo Messenger or IM … or just for fun. Here’s mine:

You can make one at

2) For the weekend… Set up a time to hang out with people you really enjoy. Last night I had dinner with two former co-workers. Both interesting, talented, enjoyable women who I had not seen in many months. It was a wonderful 90 minutes.

3) Make yourself happy with a magic elixir! Come up with your own special elixir that makes you feel healthy and strong. In my case, I’ve been steeping ginger in green tea and then adding pomegranate seeds. Pretty, and full of antioxidants. Perhaps your magic elixir  is cucumber water or a homemade smoothie with wheatgrass. (And yes … one of my good pals said her elixir  requires a splash of brandy.) But there is definitely something fun in the concept of a “magic elixir” — give it a try.

4.) Have cookies for breakfast. Either homemade from the night before, or use refrigerated cookie dough in the morning. I like the double chocolate chunk variety — nothing like a warm cookie with coffee at 7:30 a.m.

Make yourself happy this week. You deserve it.