No, this blog isn’t about running. It is titled Saturday Long Runs because it’s about the conversations two friends have as they go on long training runs together, or do other types of exercise, every Saturday morning.

Susan and Jennifer have been workout partners since the summer of 2007 when they met at the Hidden Springs Duathalon relay.  At the run-bike-run event, both women completed the running legs for two other friends who wanted to ride just the bicycle leg of the race. As they waited for their teammates to complete their bicycle rides, the two fit, female strangers started chatting. Susan mentioned to Jennifer that she’d just broken up with her boyfriend, and they had been training to run a half marathon together. Susan needed to find someone to run eight miles with her the following weekend who would, hopefully, train for and also run the 13.1-mile event with her. Jennifer, who’d run a few 10Ks in the past, thought for a moment, then said, “I’ll do it.”

As they trained for that half marathon together their friendship grew during those weekly Saturday long runs. They completed two more half marathons together, and over the years their workouts have included speed work sessions with a personal trainer, weight lifting at the gym, leisurely summer bicycle rides to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Boise, taking dance lessons from a professional modern ballet dancer, and many yoga classes. No matter what the exercise, the two friends enjoy a whole lot of animated gabbing every Saturday.


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