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I’m learning a new language. This week I took a class on how to blog with WordPress.  During the session, oodles of new techie terms swirled confusingly in my head.

There was talk about widgets, tag clouds and archives. As someone who is not hip to the lingo of blogspeak, I started to imagine myself lost in a game of Mario Brothers where that adorable Mario character has to use a widget to reach the tag cloud before he can leap into the archives and rescue Princess Peach.

Pretty quickly, though, these mysterious terms became understandable. And today, after working through the first half of WordPress’s online tutorial, I was able to add a couple of widgets to our blog, including a list of article archives and a nifty tag cloud (see “What We’re Gabbing About” in the right-hand column of this page).

The WordPress tutorial is to me what Mario is to Princess Peach. My hero!