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Expanding the vegetable plot on a beautiful, early summer day

Our living rototillers

Actually, the chickens had a little help turning over the soil

Dan doing the hard work

Fenced and planted

Resting after a busy day, and daydreaming of ripe bell peppers


The cool, rainy weather we’ve had lately is making my small, young crop of Walla Walla sweet onions grow plump and happy.

Walla Walla sweet onions

Meanwhile, just outside of our small, fenced garden, two of our chickens sing and chuckle to themselves as they cruise about the yard in search of unsuspecting insects to snack on.

"Looking for bugs / in all the wrong places ... " Cluck!

A few weeks ago, I started buying plants at the local farmer’s markets for my first-ever cool-weather garden.

Bamboo Coyotes at Eagle market

Kale, chard and spinach will make tasty salads springtime salads. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts for use as wholesome side dishes. Shallots and onions will flavor dishes raw and cooked.

Rainbow chard from Next Generation Organics at Downtown Boise market

Meet one of my helpers. She can loosen the soil and add fertilizer at the same time.

Nature's rototiller

Wire fencing keeps curious (and hungry) hens out of the new garden.

Hopefully, the beginning of something beautiful