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My daughter and I were at the Boise Co-op today, and she became intrigued by the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. It reminder her of the salt Alton Brown used on one of his episodes, and she said it looked like “salt from a cave”. Of course, loving that she is a 10-year-old foodie, I returned home with some gorgeous pink salt in its own ceramic grinder.

I also had an assortment of salts in my pantry which my friend, Sharon, sent me as a birthday present. Thus, we were ready for a salt taste test.

pink, white sea, porcini, black, table salt

The Salts: pink, white sea, porcini, black, table

First we tasted the Himalayan Sea Salt…salty, delicious, and of course, the best part…it’s PINK!

Then, sea salt from the Provence region of France (Fleur de Sel)..fresh, clean, salty.

Next, we tried the Porcini Mushroom Fusion Salt…the name says it all–a combination of dried mushroom powder and salt. Totally delicious. Perfect for flavored dipping oil or on any dish where an earthy flavor is desired.

Cyprus Black Sea Salt was next….we decided it tasted like the ocean. And, it looks awesome.

Lastly…to round things out…I brought out the Morton’s salt. We both took a little taste, expecting a normal salty flavor. What a horrible shock! It tasted processed, chemical-y, not like salt at all! We were both pretty disgusted.

I quickly dumped all the Morton’s and replaced my standard salt shakers with some fine ground sea salt.

My favorite shakers

“Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea.” – Pythagoras (580 BC – 500 BC)

When life hands you lemons – break out the tequila and salt” – Unknown